Local Mortgages are Better

It seems that the first step for anything now days is to “Google” it, and for good reason. The internet is so quick and convenient. Hundreds of search results are a click away. This is amazing, but not without a cost. People tend to look at the 4-5 top results and decide among those results. Not necessarily because they are the best but because they are convenient. In the internet world, those with the biggest budget typically win. Those big budgets come with a price……
Enter the local mortgage professional- His advertising budget is much smaller but he knows the market. He knows the underwriters, he knows the lender reps, he knows your city, and he knows how Utahans think. He probably was referred by a realtor that he knows. Or you picked him because someone knew him. You can’t put a price on the value of this. He genuinely cares that your loan closes on time. Not because he likes you, but because he has a lot to lose. He has also has a reputation to keep.
~Think about this and choose local~