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I have been in residential finance since 1998.   I have worked in all spectrums of our industry.  Banks, mortgage banker, and mortgage broker.  As a mortgage broker, I can offer the best solutions for my clients because I have so many options.   Banks only have their rates and products, mortgage bankers have a few.  I have up to 30!  This means you are going to get the most competitive rates and programs available.   Add 17 years of experience and you have the perfect environment to get your loan done quick and competitive and reliable.   Would you rather get your mortgage through ABC bank who only has ABC banks rates?  Or, would you rather get your loan through a broker that has 30 different lenders, and pick from the best? Add 17 years of experience, and you have the best case scenario.   My promise to you:   Despite what other lenders might tell you, there are no easy mortgages.  Government regulations, and lender restrictions are always increasing.  All loans pose their own unique challenges.  My promise to you is to be straight forward, and brutally honest.   I will never paint blue skies or blow smoke.   After all, when making one of the largest decisions of your life, what you need to hear is so much more important you what you want to hear.   I promise to tell you what you need to hear, to be ethical, efficient, competitive and honest.